Brown Schipperke – A Cute Family Dog

Brown Schipperke – A Cute Family Dog

The brown Schipperke is a small Belgian breed of dogs belonging to the Schipperke family. It is often a subject of discussion, whether it belongs to the spitz family or the miniature sheepdog family. They are intelligent as well as curious and go by the nickname of the little brown devil. This devoted fearless is always on guard to protect their family. They are independent-minded and are not recommended for newbie dog owners.

The brown Schipperke is an old breed that was developed in Belgium. It has often been mistakenly called a “Dutch Dog,” but the breed is not even remotely associated with Holland. The name Schipperke originated from a word meaning “little shepherd” or “little captain”, but the dogs were best known for guarding the barges that sailed the canals between Antwerp and Brussels.

Why Prefer Little Brown Devil

A brown Schipperke’s small size and easy-care coat make them more attractive than the commonly available black Schipperke. They possess a catlike hunting style, which makes them ideal rat-catchers. The tendency to drool and snore is less as compared to the black Schipperke.

Appearance of The Dog

These dogs grow up to a height of 13 inches and have naturally upright ears. An adult male weighs up to 13 lbs to 16 lbs, whereas a female weighs 12 lbs to 15 lbs. They have a longevity of 12 to 16 years. They have powerful jaws, necks, and forequarters, which makes them stealthy movers. They have a foxy face and have a brown coat, which is profuse around the shoulders, legs, and neck that gives a silhouette which accentuates a thick, substantial body.

Personality of The Dog

The brown Schipperke is a small dog renowned for hard work. It generally has stubborn tendencies as compared to the black variety. A newbie owner can face some difficulty training them without the help of an experienced trainer. They need a fenced-in backyard and must be on a leash when not confined. It exhibits very strong likes and dislikes and is capable of deciding on a situation. 

Cost of Brown Schipperkes

The cost of the brown ones may range from $700 to $800. It is usually of low maintenance with moderate grooming needs. It is a clean animal with little odor. They only need to be bathed if they have gotten into mischief and rolled in something stinky.


The little brown devils are loved for their sly sense of humor and devotion. They are fond of children and frequently attach themselves to the children of the family, becoming their loyal, loving, and watchful companion.